Jesus and Jollof

Jesus and Jollof

Jesus and Jollof is a podcast featuring Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji, two proudly Nigerian women (who have no behavior) talking about the things they love, their stories, and life in general. Why “Jesus and Jollof?” Those are the two things they cannot do without. Besides, the other option was “2 Goat Queens.”

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    Cardio For Your Mind: Therapy - Episode 3 (Season 2)

    On this episode, Luvvie and Yvonne discuss the taboo subject of therapy and why seeking professional help isn’t “airing your dirty laundry in public.” As two Nigerians who are women of faith, they lean on God, but also lean on the doctor whose job it is to help them be their best selves and they encourage listeners to do the same.

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    Rings and Things: Lessons on Love - Episode 2 (Season 2)

    Love is in the air. Luvvie and Yvonne share their lessons on relationships past and present, why you need a girl who is classy enough to go to Paris and down enough to not spend all your money there and what they would do if they had Teyana Taylor’s body. This is their Valentine's Day to you.

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    Robes So Hard: Stubborn Goats Clock-in - Episode 1 (Season 2)

    Luvvie and Yvonne are back for season 2 of Jesus and Jollof! On this episode, they talk about how the Jollof warriors (their listeners) verbally abused them until they were forced to get back into the studio. They catch everyone up on life's happenings, their feelings on DMX’s new album, and why they’re saying "OK" in 2019.

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    Foolish Goats LIVE! - Announcement

    Our people! SURPRISE! We are dropping hot pepper soup on you with our first ever LIVE Jesus and Jollof show. We can finally all be together in one room, talking about the foolish goats of the world and debating which jollof is the best! We cannot wait to see you all there. Oya listen and get details.

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    Exhaust Fumes and Tupperware: The Holiday Episode - Episode 10

    In the final episode of the season, Luvvie and Yvonne dig deep into holidays in their Nigerian families. What is a Naija salad? Why are parents obsessed with tupperware containers? From Delta flight attendants getting too familiar to the worst Christmas gifts ever received, tune in hear about these topics and how the ladies respond to their parents’ attempts to set them up.

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    Pursuing Passion and Purpose: The Career Q&A Episode - Episode 9

    In this bonus episode, Luvvie and Yvonne answer listener questions about careers and believing in yourself. How do you deal with the “not your time yet” season? What are the steps to deal with imposter syndrome? Tune in to hear everything from how to deal with rejection to learning how to manage money and fame.

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    Sticks in a Bundle: Our Tribe - Episode 8

    In this episode, Yvonne and Luvvie discuss their tribes. Would your friends tell you if your weave was busted? Should you be the only successful person in your group? From tackling jealousy to celebrating wins, tune in to hear why having the right people around is so important and vital to success.

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    White Loafers and Heartbreak: The Dating Q&A Episode - Episode 7

    In this bonus episode, Luvvie and Yvonne answer your questions about dating. What’s the best way to recover from a heartbreak? Should you date a man who doesn’t share the same religious beliefs? From tips on where to find a Nigerian man to their parents’ silence about sex, tune in to hear their answers to your most pressing questions!

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    The Fine Print of Success - Episode 6

    In this episode, Luvvie and Yvonne delve into the very real challenges faced after the “glow” is achieved. What does it look like after you “make” it? What does “more money, more problems” even mean? From turning down six figure deals that don’t fit the brand to struggling to stay connected with friends, tune in to hear how success can come with its own set of frustrations.

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    Boo’d Up: The Nigerian Dating Rules - Episode 5

    In this episode, Luvvie and Yvonne do a deep dive into the joys and perils of dating. Why do Nigerian parents prohibit dating but expect marriage? What should a non-Nigerian expect when dating a Nigerian man? Tune in for answers to those questions plus learn how each host approaches sharing their relationships on social media and what their stripper/rapper names would be.

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